Work Online earn Money, a road map

Today I am creating a road map for you to work online earn money, and not look back!

Why? If I were in your shoes, I was a year ago, that’s the first question that pops into my mind every time I see something like this. Why would this person on this website share information that would help me make money online? Its simple, money! I make money when people visit my website. The more people that visit, the more money I make. Wonder how?

work online earn money

Affiliate Marketing Overview:

Generally a website makes money by driving traffic, (what I am doing here with this post),  using select keywords that have high numbers of searches, and low numbers of competing websites. The traffic that arrives becomes interested in various advertisements or products and buys them, which then gives me a percentage of the income.

Example: I have purposely placed the Amazon ad just above this paragraph, both as an example…. and because I want visitors to buy one of those books. I could change the ad to any product Amazon sells, but I want it to be specific to the topic at hand.

Numbers: I get 7% of the sale of any of the affiliate marketing books advertized above, because I am an Amazon Affiliate associate. Lets say a few people elect to buy the most highest rated one, that is $21.33. (7% of that is $1.49). LOL I can see what your thinking, a lousy $1.49! Here is the beauty. Lets say I get a paltry 100 visitors a day visiting this page, and if just 5% of those visitors buy that book, that comes up to $7.45 per day, or $233.00/mo, for this one page.

A page that has key words that are searched, 10,253 per  month.  That would be 341 potential people per day who are looking for the very information I am providing. So maybe $233/mo doesn’t seem like much? Well that’s just one post that took me about 2 hours to write and place ads on. Picture hundreds of posts, or hundreds of posts on a few websites….. Just for clarity, I don’t get 100 visitors a day on this website yet, but I do on 2 of my other websites. So that’s how I work online earn money, and share the wealth.

Is it hard? How long does it take?

No its not hard, and I love what I am doing! Really I do.. Let me expand that a bit. I have discovered that I love writing, that wasn’t always the case. I love love love writing something that ends up helping someone. I have had people contact me from all over the world have thanked me for some of my writings!

How long it takes is a little less concrete. I spent most of the last year learning stuff (how to write content, how to find key-words, etc). I did that learning, on my first website, that I ended up selling. Along with that learning curve, I picked too broad of a niche, that had lots of competition! Yet even then I still ended up doing well, it just took me longer than it did for others. My more recently created websites have done well with  2 months!

Posted By X and TV Series List are doing great!

How did I do it?

Id like to say I didn’t do it, and its kind of true, because Wealthy Affiliate laid it all out for me. But, I did put in the effort and did the learning.

A year ago, I knew nothing about creating a website, or running a website, or affiliate marketing, or keywords, etc. The community at Wealthy Affiliate helped me with that, with free training and 2 free websites. They have 2 levels, free and premium. I had been burned so many times over the years that I stayed on the free level for 2 months, (part of the learning curve). I wasn’t going to spend one dime until I was sure! My advice..?, start and stay free. You get of training and help at that level, and you can see how it works. You can gain the skills and confidence the same as me, for free.

If you are intrigued, click the banner and signup for free. NO Credit card just a simple profile. Check out the lessons, and create your first free website(s). I will be personally assisting you all the way.

Comments? Questions!?

Feel free to use the comment box below or if you prefer like me on Facebook and ask away there. I’m pretty much always lurking and quick to respond.


Hi All! Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment or question down below, it will save the planet ;) j/k.. about saving the planet, but not about leaving a comment or question. I check often and respond quickly so please feel free.


  1. This is dope! I had no idea you could do something like this online. Your website really drew me in, man. Thanks for the helpful info. Those books on Amazon are legit :)))

    • Hi Paul, I am glad to see that affiliate marketing captured your interest. It was something I was completely ignorant of just a year ago. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am here to help you if I can.

  2. I love how you simplified the maths. But is it really that easy? 5% of visitors buy from your links are a lot of numbers.

    Do you need to advertise your websites so people can come and read your articles? Thus, making the number higher for that 5%.

    • The numbers are examples but realistic. I do have 5% buying stuff on one of my sites. As far as traffic I don’t pay for any. Its either organic, or from something I posted in many different forums on Facebook. I do think that down the road I might look at buying (advertisement) traffic but for now that seems like there is a level of risk that I don’t need to indulge in for now. I do feel like I am still very much on a learning curve, and I know many of the bigger sites buy a good deal of their traffic.

  3. Hi there! I am so grateful that I found your website. I really admire the dedication you put into presenting the detailed information for free. I will definitely come back to your website for more. Keep up the good work. Wish you more success, all the best!

    • Arnetta, Im glad you are appreciative of the work I have put into to my website. Working online can be a challenge, and that is part of what has prompted me to put this together. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Hi Vic good stuff in this post. I am following your blog from Facebook, thanks for adding me to the stay home for work group.

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