Where to create a website, its free and easy

Where to create a websiteHave you thought it might be fun to have your own website? Have you wondered where to create a website? Can I really do it for free? How hard is it? You can go down an endless road of questions right now, or you can just jump to the next paragraph, and I will share exactly how to do it and how to do it for free and easy. 🙂

I have toyed with the idea of making a website in the past but I really didn’t know what I was doing and I certainly didn’t know how to get people interested in viewing it. With a little time and effort, you can have your own website just like me, and make money in the process, maybe even lots of money. I don’t know about the lots of money yet, since I have only been working on this a couple of months, but I do know that I can make money because last weekend I had my first Amazon affiliate commission!!! I don’t see any reason why I cant just keep doing what I have been doing and see the money just keep coming.

I have to admit when I started I was very doubtful, but I now factually know I can do it!! I went from almost zero website building knowledge, to my first affiliate commission in about 2 months with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

First Step:

Signup at Wealth Affiliate for free. You start with the 10 Free lessons. By lesson 4 you are creating your free website! The lessons are mostly video, and are very much geared to step by step instruction.Where to create a website

The above graphic is overview of the process. I tell you straight up that is exactly how I did it, and you absolutely can too!! I know pretty much every thought in your head right now, because I had them all myself. Everything from what is the catch, to does it really work? Can I really make this happen for me? Really?? Ive tried before, many times and it always ended up not working!! I promise you I followed these very steps, and just had my first sale. I am so excited. I am so impatient for more and bigger sales!! I cant wait!!

I wish I could just impart to you the knowledge that this actually works and that you absolutely can do it. I wish I found this years ago!! I could have been free years ago. Please don’t pass this up with out checking it. If you have any questions thoughts or concerns please post below and Ill respond quickly.




Hi All! Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment or question down below, it will save the planet ;) j/k.. about saving the planet, but not about leaving a comment or question. I check often and respond quickly so please feel free.


  1. I have a post very similar to this. There is a video you could add to this post that is in WA that takes people through the process. It would make this very good post even better. Well done. I don’t know what the Corona Picture has to do with the post but I like it there as it captured my attention.

    • Hey Kirk, thanks for stopping by. You are a prime example of the helpful people at Wealth Affiliate! Every time I turn around there is someone who has my back with good advice.

      Glad you liked the Corona Pic. I used it for a couple of reasons, the first was that it caught my attention like it caught yours. Second to some degree the whole picture including the beer represents freedom to me.

  2. Great post. I have just joined and enjoying the learning and creating process a great deal. Best training ever.

    • I think that’s what I like so much about Wealth Affiliate, the whole training experience. The detail of the information given, and then if you have further questions, you can ask away and expect an immediate reply!

  3. You have a lot of good information in this post and with your entire site. Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Cynthia, glad you enjoyed looking over my site, and finding good information. Did you like the idea of create a website? If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  4. Great post! I love how short, sweet, and to the point it is. This will definitely help people build their own website since it is straight forward and doesn’t BS around. My writing style is similar and I think it is the best way to help people understand things. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jonathan. Glad you found my writing style to your liking. I do like to be just straight forward, whether its good or bad. I do hope people who are looking to create their own website find this post and see that it is indeed free, and easy. For me it was the training at Wealthy Affiliate that was the key.

  5. Hi, Vic. I too thought about building a website a few years back but had no idea how to get started or what I was doing. Thankfully, I found Wealthy Affiliate and you’re right about this program being really instructional. Anyone wanting to have their very own website should join and it’s FREE. It helped me build 2 websites that I am very proud of. You have said it all here, thanks!

    • Thanks Peggy, I appreciate the feedback and confirmation of what I have shared. Ill have to check out your websites. I really couldn’t believe how easy it was with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. Hi Vic

    This looks great. I’m into anything that may bring a few extra £ in each month.
    I will definitely have a look and check back on your site regularly. Appreciate you sharing this with us. Its awesome information.


    • Thanks for stopping by Jason. Let me know if you have any questions about creating a website, and yes its free, and easy. I can be pretty helpful if needed.

  7. Hey Vic,

    I took a Crack at Wealthy Affiliate myself a while back having zero experience with anything to do with website building.

    I’ve learned so much from within this community within this period and I’m proud to boast not one but two beautiful and professional looking sites.

    It truly is a gem of a learning platform.

    • Wealthy Affiliate was literally a dream come true for me. I could not have gotten where I am without their assistance, training and feedback. I have 4 websites now, and im off and running!

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