The Wealthy Affiliate Scam

You might be thinking hmm this is interesting, the wealthy affiliate scam, sounds intriguing, maybe even a touch dramatic. Ironically that is the very sentiment that ended up drawing me in to the Wealthy Affiliate community. Like me people have become very prepared to see a real opportunity, as nothing more than a scam. Assumedly because scams are everywhere! I have learned to be very careful. I don’t have time, (maybe a little time), or money to waste!

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam

I have shared some of this on other posts, but just a quick review of my history might help. I have always been drawn to alternative income kind of thinking. It took me many years and a small amount of money to learn, there is no quick and easy way to get filthy rich, there just isn’t. That has never deterred me from seeking though. What comes as close as anything I have seen is what I found when a friend recently shared an “opportunity”. I did some quick research and while I wont say it was a scam I will say it wasn’t for me.

A Google search that included the word scam, showed the specific results I was looking for, but also included a review of Wealthy Affiliate in the search results. I wish I could remember the specific term that caused me to click the link, but that review brought me to Wealthy Affiliate. I am hoping my review will bring you there as well because if you couldn’t already tell, I am very much a fan of Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t stop reading ~ Getting to the good stuff!

You have found exactly what you have been looking for! I know this because I had been searching for years and finally found it here. I know you have heard that before, because I have heard it over and over myself. Below I am going to outline exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is, how it works, and what you can expect. No surprises, just the facts.

 I want to make money!!The Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Wealthy Affiliate has two very broad ways of helping its members make money. Helping you with building what they call a niche website. Help with the Wealthy Affiliate referral program its self, which is what I am doing here, with this website, and its easily what you can do as well. Its been proven over and over!

Niche website concept:

The Wealthy Affiliate ScamI built juicenjoy.com with this concept. That’s my website, my words, my thoughts! I love saying that. 🙂 The way that works is you choose a topic (niche) that gets you going, that you love to talk about, and write about and do research on. This can literally be anything you can think of. Pick an appropriate name for your website. Starting writing and sharing what you love, as you start getting traffic to your site, you can recommend products thru affiliate programs such as Amazon that pay you a commission if someone reads something on your site, and then goes and buys it. This works outstandingly well! They will show you all the ins, and outs of how to do it!

Wealthy Affiliate referral program:

The Wealthy Affiliate ScamThis didn’t interest me at all at first. I wasn’t looking to promote someone else’s site, I wanted my own website with my own topics and my own traffic. However; as I quickly learned, the process I took, was forever repeatable by as many people as were interested. I became interested in sharing that with you. Yes if you sign up I will make money, but you really don’t understand, (right now), what a big deal this was for me. I have wanted to build my own website for years!! I have even tried!! Yes I wanted to make money with my website, but I mostly wanted to be able to share my knowledge, my story about juicing, and all that it has done for me in my life! Wealthy Affiliate was the only place that made that dream come true! Does that echo any of your thoughts?


There are two “levels”, and only two levels. The starter level which is free and remains free, and the premium level which is $47.00/month. There are no other levels or fees or add-ons. That’s it! You either work thru the free program which I did for quite some time, or you work thru the premium level, which I finally went to.

Comparison Chart for Starter vs Premium


Starter Level ~ while designed to be just that, you can remain at the free starter level if you like. I stayed at this level for over a month. Why would I? Simple, I didn’t trust or have faith in what I was seeing. I am grown very jaded over the years. Plus I was getting everything I needed and learning tons! On the opposite spectrum I have seen many people join and immediately go premium. For me I was not going to get suckered again!! Maybe you are wondering what this level includes.

  • You can have, and mange to 2 free websites
    • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Training
    • 10 different classes. (Niche)
    • 10 different classes. (Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp)
    • Very easy to follow
      • Much of it in video format, step by step.
    • You have access to various other types of training.
    • Access to searchable questions and answers.
    • Access to a community that has been there and done that!!
    • At the end of the training classes you will have done the following.
      • Set-up your account profile at Wealthy Affiliate
      • Learned the process of earning money online
      • Chosen a niche (the topic of your website(s))
      • Created your OWN website
      • Have set-up the website for success
        • This is more than just basic setup!
      • Understand how to find and install over various plugins.
        • Makes it easier to manage your website.
      • Created your first page of content
      • Created new relationships with others at WA
        • They are as friendly as you are, or aren’t.
        • They were always there if I needed but never intrusive or pushy!
          • I DONT like to be pushed!
      • Gotten timely help when you needed it
      • Understood the process of keyword research and found a bunch of good ones.
        • This is invaluable, its the key… get it.. the key.. keyword, lol
      • Learned a bunch that will lead you to SUCCESS
  • Support
    • You have access to live chat for questions and answers
    • 1000’s who have done it before you.
    • You have access to me, and my knowledge, it grows daily
    • You have access to the owners Kyle and Carson.
      • Did you miss that the website owners!


Premium Level:

All of the above plus the following.

  • Expanded levels of training
    • I am as I write this in the middle of the third course!
  • Unlimited number of websites with your choice of domain names.
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • Much More
  • Premium Level
    • $47/month

Please allow yourself a moment to recall how you felt the last time you got excited about something, and KNOW this is an actual, real, opportunity. I am living it!



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  1. Hi, nice website! Very clean and clear. Easy to understand and I love the comparison link (nice touch). You say $49 per month? I thought it was $47 but I could be wrong – please don’t be angry with me 🙂

    I also like the list of things you have created when get when joining up.
    Good fortunes to you!

    • Oh my gosh! You are correct about the price lol. Angry? no! Happy that I can turn to the community for help and support when I miss things. Ill edit that now. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello Vic,

    You described very well what Wealthy Affiliate is. I am truly grateful I found this amazing community. I was looking for another program to see if it’s scam or not, and then I saw people talking through the comments section how great is Wealthy Affiliate compared to that program. The next minute I went through WA website and made an account. I wanted to experience on my own the whole platform. I was truly amazed of what I found. Great training,great support, all you need in ONE PLACE to start a successful online business.

    Wish you all the best in creating a successful business,

  3. Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life. Within weeks of purchasing my domain name I was generating passive income without previously having any offerings. This community is the best one out there for creating a website that makes you money, the step by step process is amazing. Set up your free account, and start building your website with no upfront cost. ITSSS AMAZING. FOLLOW THE SYSTEM AND WATCH MONEY START COMING IN.

    Thanks much vic for getting this out there. People really need to know.

    • Thanks for sharing that, it so encouraging seeing others getting the same results, over and over!!

  4. 8 months ago I would’ve probably label this as a scam or worse, you know the usual skeptic. I’ve been with the community for a while and not only have i learned much more in that time than I ever thought I would, it has also helped to develop and improve other areas of my life. I’m so glad I joined the network

    • I was a definite full on sceptic. I did just the free stuff for over a month so I could be sure it wasn’t a scam. Thanks for ur comment.

  5. Very thorough and organized article. I like how you cited the features of Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

    • I have just gotten so much from the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Thanks for your comment.

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