My Top 10 Money Making Ideas, enjoy!

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasI enjoyed coming up with my top 10 money making ideas, simply because I very much enjoy researching things and spent a significant amount of time doing so for this article. I think it is the aspect of adventure, like what can I discover? As I write this, I have a list of about 50 ideas, some online, and some traditional. I am assuming at this point that the number 1 opportunity for making money is with an online website. I am after-all biased to this because that is how I finally became successful.  I am hopeful that I will be able to share some other viable options as well.

An overview of the rating categories might be helpful. This is the overall thinking behind my rating strategy 1.) EASE, how easy is it to get started, and or set up, and a little bit of weight to, ease of use. 2.) COST, how much does it cost, what is the investment. 3.) POTENTIAL, what is the upside here 4.) SUPPORT Q & A? People standing by to help? Live Chat? 5.) TRAINING, my goal here is either very little or no formal education, or simplicity and availability of training. Better overview here, Let’s Get Started

1.) A Niche Website with affiliate marketing

My Top 10 Money Making Ideas

This is the concept of creating a website that is based on sharing information that is of high interest to the owner, and creating content for that topic. This drives traffic to your website where you share links to products that visitors buy and you get a commission on that purchase. The first website I created was, juicenjoy.com after I signed up at Wealth Affiliate, (3 minutes and free).

OVER-ALL Rating: 23 of 25

  1. EASE 5 of 5 ~ This will shock you because it shocked me. I started the training course and had the bones of my new website up and running in about an hour. I had never created a website before. I didn’t know anyone who had created a website before. It was all there laid out for me, Easy Peasy and free.
  2. COST 4 of 5 ~ It is 100% free, I dinged the cost 1 point because they have a premium option, that I feel becomes needed after you get going. I stayed free for over a month but then felt going premium would be vastly helpful, which it was! I am where I am today because of Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. POTENTIAL 5 of 5 ~ There is nothing but upside if you work this. I just discovered a site called Flippa, which allows people to buy and sell websites. They range from starter to hundreds of thousands, to buy and sell. Take a look at some of those monthly income numbers!
  4. SUPPORT 5 of 5 ~ Everything from live chat to free training for our questions. You even get my help.
  5. TRAINING 4 of 5 ~ No formal education needed. I marked this down 1 point simply because it does take some time to train, even if free, and it does take some time to learn, but the good news is its all there just waiting and ready.

2.) Simple Labor

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasI like this category because its simple any one can do it, and the reward is immediate. A few that come to mind is tutoring, music lessons, grocery delivery, baby sitting, house sitting, and dog walking, oh and lawn mowing. 🙂 Certainly not an all inclusive list but you get the idea.

OVER-ALL Rating: 16 of 25

  1. EASE 4 of 5 ~ Getting started with this is as simple as posting a flyer at your local church or grocery store. I ding one point because hey, its labor, and sometimes that is a lot of work. 🙂
  2. COST 5 of 5 ~ You might have to pay for gas, or maybe a leash, but that’s pretty minimal.
  3. POTENTIAL ~ 2 of 5 OUCH! I was going to give this a 1, but you never know, you could make a business out of a few of these, if you can beat the competition.
  4. SUPPORT ~ 2 of 5 If you are needed you are needed, if not that kind of bites.
  5. TRAINING ~ 3 of 5 No real formal education needed, but each of these tasks does require some know-how and someone to show you that first time, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

3.) YouTube

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasThis is actually quite viable. Check out what is called the YouTube partner program. You upload videos it goes viral, you get a percentage of the ad revenue, etc.

OVER-ALL Rating: 20 of 25

  1. EASE 3 of 5 ~ Overall its pretty straight forward, create an account with Google Upload your video, and start sharing it with others via Facebook, etc.
  2. COST 5 of 5 ~ Its free, your equipment might cost you but guess what, you almost certainly already have it. 🙂
  3. POTENTIAL 4 of 5 I dinged this 1 point because it would likely be difficult to repeatedly produce viral style videos. There is a tremendous upside though if you are successful.
  4. SUPPORT ~ 4 of 5 GOOGLE is very helpful in its help menus and there are many supportive how to videos. I marked it down 1 point because you cant just type out a question in chat format and get the answer.
  5. TRAINING ~ 4 of 5 No Formal education needed, and there are tons of videos out there to help you with the ins and outs.

4.) EBAY

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasI have done this off and on for a few years, its relatively simple. You can buy and then resell, or you can go to yard sales, buy stuff and resell. It takes a little bit to figure out what is going to work and what isn’t. One significant downside is, there is some packing and shipping involved, and the hauling of items, etc.

OVER-ALL Rating: 17 of 25

  1. EASE 3 of 5 ~ This takes a little bit of work to get set up. Once you are setup its not too bad but you do have product to move, and ship etc.
  2. COST 3 of 5 ~ You can pass the cost to the customer, everything from shipping/handling to purchase of the item in the first place. It is fairly competitive though so you have to know what you are doing.
  3. POTENTIAL 3 of 5 ~ I don’t personally see a lot of upside to this, in order to make a lot of money you need a lot of product, or you need a really good deal on a fair amount of product.
  4. SUPPORT 4 of 5 ~ Lots of help from the EBAY staff
  5. TRAINING 4 of 5 ~ Same as YouTube, lots of videos and people who have done it, nobody you can immediately turn to for help though.

5.) Gig Work

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasI am fairly unfamiliar with this overall but I have spent a fair amount of time looking into it. Fiverr seems to be one of the leaders in this category. The principle is you create an account, and write up some of the things you would be willing to do to make $5. There are various strategies involved in compounding the task vs. reward.

OVER-ALL Rating: 19 of 25

  1. EASE 3 of 5 ~ Easy to set up, not always so easy to get work or so I have read.
  2. COST 5 of 5 ~ none to sell
  3. POTENTIAL 3 of 5 ~ $5 isn’t a lot and you can compound away and still not make serious money, but it is possible to do ok.
  4. SUPPORT 3 of 5 ~ The staff is responsive to complaints. The rating system is not currently as sophisticated as say EBay. I have read of a few account of sellers and buyers not performing and an inability to accurately reflect that problem.
  5. TRAINING 3 of 5 ~ No real training needed beyond what service you are assumably offering. As far as strategies and such it is pretty limited as this is relatively new.

6.) Online Trading

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasAnother area that I have dabbled with but not had a lot of luck, at least in terms of making tons of easy money. 😉 One place I like in particular is Loyal 3. It doesn’t cost anything to buy or sell. You can link it your bank account, and apply a certain amount per month to your Loyal 3 account. They then buy your choice of a stock including as little as percentages of 1 share. The number of companies you can buy stock from is limited but there some good ones there. I use Trade King for my day trading, (not really a day trader but this could function that way). 🙂

OVER-ALL Rating: 14 of 25

  1. EASE 3 of 5 ~ Easy to set up, not so easy to be successful
  2. COST 2 of 5 ~ If you have money and know what you are doing this isn’t very expensive.
  3. POTENTIAL 5 of 5 ~ There is good potential, and there is bad potential. I have limited my risk with this one, but that means limiting the potential.
  4. SUPPORT 1 of 5 ~ Crickets….
  5. TRAINING 3 of 5 There is a ton of information out there on this topic, but it is a pretty foreign concept for most people, therefore pretty labor intensive to learn.

7.) Review Music

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasEver heard of Slice the Pie? Neither had I, this is one I am going to check out a little more thoroughly when I get some time.. (not sure when that will be). You get paid to listen to music, and if you are a music lover can it get any better than this?

OVER-ALL Rating 17 of 25

  1. EASE 4 of 5 ~ Nice easy set up, links to PayPal for payment. A little tricky to earn the higher of the scale, takes some practice to provide a review that meets their standards.
  2. COST 5 of 5 ~ No cost, other than time.
  3. POTENTIAL  3 of 5 ~ You won’t get rich doing this, but you can earn some good money with some dedication.
  4. SUPPORT 3 of 5 ~ The staff here is easy to work with and responsive, no immediate response available.
  5. TRAINING 2 of 5 ~ No real training provided per se, but helpful hints. Takes some time to learn the structure of a good review.

8.) Tasks for Cash ~ Surveys, Etc.

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasToluna, Swagbucks, Inboxdollars,  are a few that I ran across. I have even tried Swagbucks myself a few years ago. They offer cash, rewards, or credits for performing tasks such as online surveys, searching, playing games.. It seemed like a lot of work to me for little reward overall.

OVER-ALL Rating 15 of 25

  1. EASE 3 of 5 ~ Easy to set up, but confusing at times which survey or task is complete
  2. COST 5 of 5 ~ No Cost
  3. POTENTIAL 2 of 5 ~ Fairly limited. You can only do so many surveys, or play games..
  4. SUPPORT 3 of 5 ~ This various of course be overall most staff or responsive to your needs.
  5. TRAINING 2 of 5 ~ No real training needed, but some tasks can be confusing such as what they are looking for on a search. Not a lot of support here on what to do if you are stuck.

9.) I Secret Shop.. Mystery Shopper Mobile app

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasAn app for your phone that gives you tasks to perform at various locations, including buying items, and then reporting back your experience for pay. I have not used this item but have signed up today, and will update on how it goes in the future. I have to admit I like the whole secret agent spying for the good of fellow shoppers. I wonder how well this will pay off once I get going??

SECRET AGENT Rating 16 of 25

  1. EASE 4 of 5 ~ It took me about 2 minutes to signup, I rate this high because I don’t know how easy the rest of it is and don’t wont to push down something I don’t know first hand about. The reviews have been good..
  2. COST 3 of 5 ~ It cost nothing to sign up. It does occasionally cost you to buy something, which I assume gets reimbursed?
  3. POTENTIAL 3 of 5 ~ Not a lot of potential here for serious income, however it looks fun to do, and potentially a second income stream.
  4. SUPPORT 3 of 5 ~ Rated mediocre since I don’t have a lot of data on that as yet, sorry.
  5. TRAINING 3 of 5 ~Starting think I might not should have review this one since I don’t really know the answers. I just saw it and thought cool that looks fun.. 🙂 I guess you will have to come back in a bit and see the update?

10.) Your normal 9-5 Job

My Top 10 Money Making IdeasYou can forego the alternative thinking above if you like and stick with the 9-5. What you will discover like millions of us is they typical 9-5 is a thing of the past for the most part.

OVER-ALL Rating 12 of 25

  1. EASE 2 of 5 ~Not always easy to get a job even with a good education
  2. COST 2 of 5 ~ Straight from high school minimal cost for 4 year degree? Lots..
  3. POTENTIAL 3 of 5  ~ You going to be a CEO?
  4. SUPPORT 2 of 5 ~ Maybe some companies?
  5. TRAINING 3 of 5 ~Most Companies are pretty good about making sure you can perform the work they need done.

I hope you enjoy this post, I did. Feel free to leave a comment or question below.



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  1. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about Online Jobs Opportunities, so I learned a lot. Thanks!
    You saved my day.

    • That makes me super happy to hear. I am definitely here to help people. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I use to do simple labor to make the money, but realized that something like a niche site can really change things for me! Heck! Now i just write an article and i’m on my way! Love these ideas!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Hi Matt, glad you stopped by and shared your experience with us. It has been a life saver for me.

  3. Hi Vic,
    Sounds like you and I have traveled some of the same roads in search of a permanent stay at home income! With the exception of Slice of Pie, I think I have tried or looked at everything you mentioned here. Sad to say I’m still a 9-5’er though! Just found WA this past winter and am loving it so far! Great Article!


  4. Thanks for these great info. Some people are not even aware of these. They are just stuck with their 9-5 jobs. 🙁

    • lol that’s a depressing though!! But true. Hopefully a number of people will discover what we did.

  5. Hi Vic, these are some great money making ideas and I couldn’t agree more with your #1 choice: affiliate marketing through a niche website. Unlike the brick & mortar businesses of the past, the potential reach of the internet is insane. Even the smallest, most unique niches can find a market on the internet.

    I also like that you mentioned trading because this has high potential. But it can also be very risky if you’re not careful. This one takes a good amount of studying & practice, possibly through paper trading, before beginners may want to pull the trigger on this one.

    Overall, great ideas. Thank you.

  6. Great list and scoring technique. Good to see at a glance what is doable.

    On the eBay thing I would add that although it takes a bit of work as you say to setup and manage the profit can be very good.

    Example you sell a product on Amazon costing $100 you make $4, 4% profit. with no outlay by yourself.

    You sell an item on eBAy for $100 you make $25, 25% profit with a bit of packaging and time you make 5 times the profit for 1 item.

    It takes longer to make the same sales on Amazon.

    I know other affiliate programs like Clickbank give %75 profit also so there is the reverse but as I say it can be profitable if you are prepared to work at it.

    • Hey mark thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see what you mean about Ebay. I think the biggest thing I have against them is moving the product.. I haven’t really looked into clickbank as I am relatively new to this still. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Lol. I enjoyed that. As a career coach who helps get people into jobs, I’m laughing that you gave the regular job only 12 out of 25.
    You may have a point though.
    Some good ideas here.
    Fiverr is actually really good if you are looking to get something done. You can get some real quality for a fraction what it’s worth. I think a lot of the people who advertise gigs on Fiverr use it to build a portfolio rather than make a fortune. It’s super if you have some digital product that can be repeatedly sold. You make it once and even if it takes a week (or two) if there’s a demand – you get paid back in spades.

    • I actually appreciate people who have done some of these things commenting. It is hard to rate something I haven’t personally done, or to lump some of these together. Definitely not slight to the coaching.

      That’s way cool to hear about Fiverr. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  8. Great article! I’ve never heard of Slice The Pie before, so will definitely check that out 🙂

  9. Hi Vic,
    You have got a very nice post here! Thanks for sharing the overview of “money making” idea!

  10. Hey Vic, love that you included being involved in the market and becoming an affiliate on here. Those are things I am trying to accomplish! The stock market can be very rewarding if you know how to play it. Hopefully my site I will be launching can teach you a bit more about it!

  11. Great info! I don’t know of anybody who isn’t interested in money making ideas. I’ve been looking into this for a while and now you gave me a couple of more ideas I did not know about -thanks!

  12. Interesting one on the online trading. Most of the ones that I have read are scams. How does this trading system actually works? I still have difficulty understanding it.

    • Online trading itself is definitely not a scam, and the two sites that I shared aren’t scams. As far as how trading works its not to hard to get the overall picture, but extremely detailed on how to make money with online trading. The concept is you buy stock in a company and as the company succeeds the value of the stock you bought increases. I put a small amount of money each month in the loyal 3 and it buys Intel stock. Generally perceived as super safe, and maybe make some money over time. The Trade King account is my risky buys, small companies that may make some good money or may lose some big money.. 🙂 I hope that answers your question.

  13. Niche website with affiliate marketing, that’s my pick. Been working on this a little while, and so far see great potential thanks to WA, my training platform of choice.

    • It really is the best thing I have found. And I have looked far and wide. Thanks for stopping by

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