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167866_1684767253001_6852570_nI was contemplating what to write here all day today, lol and now the next day. I didn’t really want to write a typical hey I am Vic I’m in my 40’s, married, and I have worked the same job for the last 20 years etc… As I was contemplating that thought I realized, I don’t have to!! While the above is a part of who I am I have changed over the last year. See that is a new thought to me. I still have the 9-5, 20+ years job, (and some of that mentality), but I now have an exit plan and that is being accelerated considerably.

I was born and raised in and around Portland Oregon. After high school I did the expected and went to college, which I didn’t complete. After all I had better things to do. I typically say that a little sarcastically but the fact is I really did have better things to do and I am fairly glad with how things have turned out so far.

I have traveled thru most of the states and been to the Philippines. I think the travel has helped me appreciate different people and cultures.

I have tried many different stay at home programs, or MLM schemes, and get rich ideas. I have lost a little bit of money over the years trying different things. I now view that as a cheap education.

As I struggled to get where I am today, I tried many different things. I even got to the point where I gave up looking for an alternative to the 9-5. Then came along Bitcoin. I was intrigued from the first time I heard of it. I decided I wasn’t going spend any money on it. I had learned. I ended up doing on-line surveys and stuff that offered small parts of (1/100th) a bitcoin. I ended up getting to almost a full bit coin before losing interest. It took about a month, (short attention span), at the time a Bitcoin was worth about $6. Lol! Fast forward 2 years. Bitcoin went up to over a $1000. Too bad I hadn’t bought a couple hundred bitcoins!!! This renewed my hope in alternative income. Because I could see the potential, and this is so important! I just….. missed it, by a hairs breadth.

That was about 2 years ago now, and since then I have kept knocking….

I want to share my success

This gets into my purpose. I want to share the experience and knowledge with you, now that I have finally found not just success, but repeatable success. I want you to learn and succeed from the lessons I have learned. The information I share on this website is my experience both good and bad.

I found success here, and I want to help you find it too. This is my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate, and my Facebook page.

Sincerely, Vic

PS. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below, I am always quick to reply!


  1. I am like yourself a rebel when it comes to flat out describing your personal story and I totally understand what you mean when you want to fight the social norm of a task.

    I appreciate your honesty and your engagement with the reader. You really pulled me in with those first couple of sentences. I am excited to read what you are going to write next on your site!

  2. Thanks Adrian. feel free to check my profile or any of the links. Return often for updates!

  3. Hey Vic,

    Thanks for sharing your story.I have also tried the mlm thing and had no success with it. The problem with these opportunities is that they don’t really teach you anything about how to succeed. They just give you some basic information and a crumby web page and tell you to drive traffic to it. I will definitely check into wealthy affiliate.

    I look forward to reading more about your story.

  4. Thanks for the comment, especially about the reminder on “teaching to succeed” That is so true!

  5. Hi Vic,
    Nice to read your stories. My experience with MLM is really bad. I considered it as the best way for your friend to avoid you in a simple way. By the way, you’ve been to Philippines and how’s the experience? I am from the Philippines migrated to the UK.

    • I like ur description of MLM. It’s perfect.

      I was in the Philippines for only 2 weeks so I don’t really feel like I had s chance to know much about the Philippines at all. What I did see was fascinating to me. The people were so open and friendly.

      • Yep! That’s the perfect and funny description I could think of. I really thought you’ve stayed in the Philippines for a long time.
        Your website is nice and simple:)

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