Leafit App Review, the Start of Igrow network

Hello my Facebook friends, and others. After seeing many invites to join the Igrow network I decided it was worth looking into, hence my leafit app review post. Leafit was the original version that morphed into Igrow. Commonly referred to as just “It”

Leafit app review

Leafit app review

Leafit/Igrow is basically a MLM, (multi level market). Some say pyramid scheme. The premise is you invite your Facebook friends to join your network. You have 2 options as of this writing, a free associate, or a associate at 50/Mo. The free associate makes a small commission on 2 levels down, and the paying associate makes a larger commission 9 levels down. Commission on what you might ask. Products that are sold on the Igrow network/social platform. You post pictures and share pictures with your friends and make a commission when they buy something.

The Free associate level does not have access to the Igrow University, a tutorial style training on how to market. You must pay the 50/mo level to get that training.

Leafit app review

Leafit app review

I have been a part of many MLM “opportunities” over the years, each of which ended in me losing most or all of my investment. It didn’t stop me from searching for alternative ways to make income, which is how I ended up stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate. That is a link to an overview of what they offer and how it works. BTW it is free to check out, and free even to continue with some small limitations, and its not MLM, which I love!! Its me being allowed to do basically whatever interests me, and make money doing it.

I did sign up last summer for the Igrow network. I stayed at the free level. I am very careful with what I get involved with, especially when it comes to parting with my money!! The free level is what attracted me to the Igrow network. I felt it would allow me to get familiar with the service, and properly vette what its about and how it works. Same with Wealthy Affiliate. What I can tell you is I have not had any success with Igrow, and I have had some success with W.A.

I cant tell you for sure whether you should or shouldn’t be working the Igrow network, I can only share my experience.. I will tell you I have been impressed with the exposure to Igrow. I see it everywhere! I just don’t see any body making money. I didnt…  Have you?

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  1. Great review. I am with you, I have been in several MLM companies and made no money. I spent a lot for no gain. Not all are bad, I think most have some merit, but you have to have the right type of personality to be successful and you definitely have to have a product you can beleive in and stand behind. Not sure about Igrow but Wealthy Affiliate looks promising. Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sue, I do think a good product would be key to MLM, however never really ran across that.

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