How To Make Website For Kids

How to make website for kids

How to make website for kids

I have a few children and I’ve wondered how to engage them productively in the online world. It occurred to me to create a post on how to make website for kids. I wanted my kids to be active online yet not waste all of the years gaming and wasting time building characters that end up just being ignored after their interest moved to the next game. My idea to get kids engaged in building a website may not be for every kid, but I do think a lot could be learned, and enjoyed. If this idea intrigues you please continue reading as I outline how to do it for free and even maybe make some money down the line. 🙂

Simply put I have found a site that allows you to have 2 free websites. It includes free basic training that shows you how to get started. It also has continued training if you want to take it to the next level. This site has tons of tools and experience to help you start with nothing, and allow you and your kid to build an excellent website. One that your kid could then manage on his or her own. Wealthy Affiliate has both a free option and a premium option. You can remain free as long as you like.

How to do it.

First things first. Follow this link to choose your new website domain name, and create a free profile. That will lead you to the signup screen where you can add a name to your website. and pick a theme, (how it looks). This is all easy, and free so check it out! After you get signed up you will definitely want to jump into the free training. This is so easy your kid could do it. 🙂


This to me is the best part, because it doesn’t how much of a novice you are. The training will lead you right thru it. Here’s The first lesson, as you can see it starts at the very beginning. By the 1oth lesson you will have a published website with whatever content you want on it. you will have spent a good number of quality hours with you kid. You will also begin gather content which can be used to monetize down the road if you want. The possibilities are endless.

You have several options to contact me with questions and comments so please take the few seconds to do it. Link to Facebook, Vic@stayhomeforwork.com, or comment below.


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  1. This is brilliant. Its a great way to keep kids occupied using technology in a constructive manner. I need to suggest this post to many people who give their kids ipads and cellphones and their kids waste their time on Whatsapp, facebook, playing games, watching porn (sadly). Thanks again for an amazing post.


    • Glad you liked the idea of websites for kids. My kids do continue to play games, and such, but they also enjoy running their own website. Btw share away! 🙂 Thanks for commenting, its appreciated.

  2. What a nice, family-oriented post! Parents sometimes need to come up with creative ways to engage their children. This is a unique way to spend quality and quantity time with the kids. Kids enjoy being with their parents as much as possible. It sends a discouraging message when kids can’t have access to their parents like their job or TV shows do.

    What new things have you learned about your children while making websites together?

    The links in the article connect to Wealthy Affiliate. I’d like to ask: if you could put a price on the free training there, what would it be?

    • I agree it is a struggle to ensure that good quality time is spent together, and that time is crucial. What I have learned is hard to quantify but, Ive learned much more about each childs individual personality. What I find more important is the bond that is created when working with them. It reminds them I am a resource they can turn to when confused or seeking help.

      In answer to the question of value of Wealthy Affiliate. I feel that after a year I am still learning that. When I first started I cant imagine doing what I am doing today. I could not have done this without them. I continue to learn every day, and I haven’t even finished the training still. Also I have noticed that many people have been here for years! Obviously even advanced webmasters find a good value!

      Thanks for stopping by and asking some great questions!

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