How To Make Money At Home Online In Great Detail

Greetings to you. You stumbled onto this post because I targeted you with the keywords how to make money at home online.

A year ago I didn’t know anything about about building websites, or key words or affiliate marketing or niche topics, etc. Like you however I was absolutely searching for a way to provide income for my family in a non-traditional way.. You know 9-5, which by the way is almost non-existent, how about 7a-9a, and then 2p – 5p, and all weekends!? I have it lucky because I do have a good regular job, but when it comes right down to it, I hate everything about it!

Small Story of my search to make money at home..

I have always been interested in looking for an easier way to make lots of money. I have tried everything over the years, always being careful to not pay a bunch of money up front. I learned that lesson early on. I know that’s a typical storyline, but after all that is exactly why you’re reading this. You are on the same search as I was. Can I just say have a little faith in what you are reading right now? I know how hard that is, and how skeptical you feel. I will be perfectly straight up with you as you will see in the next paragraph.

how to make money at home onlineSurprise..

In some ways this post may disappoint you. Why? because I haven’t made lots of money easy, so far. I have made some money with some hard and enjoyable work in my spare time. What excites me, and why I am writing to you today is that even as I am writing this, I have 5 websites that are up and running, and making money. The site you are on now is by far the oldest, but one that I enjoy because its where share some of what I have learned. Like how to add pictures to WordPress. The other 4 have only been published for 2 months and are already making me money, and all topics I enjoy writing about, which is a key. Want to see them? http://postedbyx.com/ http://wewantanime.com/ http://tvserieslist.com/ and http://shadesofhawaii.com/

Timeline for success..

I started with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in Feb of 2015, 1 year ago almost to the day. I ran across them when I was researching something a friend told me about, some kind of coin thing like bitcoin only different. I would say it was another failed attempt except it led me to WA.. Anyway I was very skeptical as I am with anything, I did my research on WA and couldn’t find anything negative other than some minor glitches that were quickly resolved. So I signed up for free. After all there’s nothing to lose, no CC for signup just Name, email, small bio and picture of myself. Took about 5 minutes. With in a couple of hours I had been contacted by the owners of the site asking me if I needed anything and a link to the first free lesson. The first 10 lessons are free. I was 100% dedicated to not spending a dime and getting the most of the experience I could.

What did I get… for free?

10 Lessons and 2 free websites, Plus a active and helpful community and tons of insider information. My first free website was allthingsjuicing.siterubix.com.  I worked on that as guided by the lessons and the various help topics. I stayed in the free category for almost 2 months because I didn’t want to be fooled again and lose any money. By then I could see that the help was real, that here was tons of more training at the premium level, and even more important I wanted my own full domain. All of the work I put into allthingsjucing was transfered to Juicenjoy

BTW I sold juicenjoy for enough to pay for all of this last years premiums, and until this coming October!!

How’s the money made!? Right?

The steps are very simple. You create your free website, and write quality content about a subject you choose. Add affiliate links to your website that visitors click on and buy stuff from. You get a small percent of the sale. Repeat process for increasing results.

My Advice for how to make money at home online…

  1. Sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Do the first 10 lessons.
    1. Here is the first lesson.. How to make money at home online
  3. STAY in the free category..
    1. They have a countdown clock that encourages you to go premium. Ignore that. There is tons you can do and learn for free, and you can ask me anything and Ill help. Plus it gives you the time to see all the value.

That is it. Someday down the road when you see the value of what is offered you can go premium. How much is that? $47/mo. There are no other fees, no upgrades no nothing more. I mention this only because of 2 things. 1.) You will get to the point where you can see what a great service it is, and 2.) I want you to know the full cost with no strings. You can reduce that cost significantly with a yearly subscription.

ASK me…

If you have any questions at all I am very responsive. I want very much for other people like me to experience the rewards that I have so far. So use the comment box below!



Hi All! Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment or question down below, it will save the planet ;) j/k.. about saving the planet, but not about leaving a comment or question. I check often and respond quickly so please feel free.


  1. i’m working on building income through affiliates as well. If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you make online a month?

    • Hi Ben, I debated with myself on how full to disclose but decided it’s a fair question and deserves a straight up answer.
      My first and primary site that I owned for almost a year (juicenjoy) made me enough in income and affiliate sells plus the actual sell of the it, to pay 19 months of premium level at Wealthy Affiliate. $47/month time 19 months.

      The site we are on now has made me $0 but costs me nothing to run since its covered under the premium at WA, as is all of my newer websites. Anime and tv list, and postedbyx have made just over $100 since I started them in the last 2 months. Shades of hawaii isn’t monitized and hasn’t made anything, it’s about 6 months old. It’s a long term project that gets almost no attention.

      Each month the three newest websites make a little more than the last month so it may not be a lot but it grows as does the traffic.

  2. Hi Vic,

    You have 5 websites!?!?! wow im very impressed. How do find time to write on all of them? What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is the community. This is something that you would not see before you sign up. There are tons of people in it that will help you grow.

  3. Hi Vic, Great and honest post! My website is through Wealthy Affiliate. It’s truly a wonderful community and very educational. Even if you don’t know anything about building and running a website , it’s no problem, they truly teach you step by step. I def. recommend Wealthy affiliate as a tool to making money online.

    • I have to admit its a little bit hard to be 100% transparent because I want people to experience the success I have, but the road to that success was a bit of work, and it is not overnight riches, but at the same time I want people who read this to be realistic and not waste their time.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share that you too are making money online with Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. I also am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you it is a great community with a lot of fantastic training resources and would benefit just about anyone. If you want to learn how to make money online this is the place to be, no matter your level of experience. Though it is not a get rich quick scheme it is well worth the effort and the monthly fees. Congratulations on the sale of your juicenjoy website.

    • Hi sandy. It’s good to hear from others who are seeing the same benefits as me. Thanks for taking the time to comment about wealthy affiliate

  5. Awesome! I’ve always LOVED to write; I was just thinking about making money at home by writing. I checked my filtered messages on fb and I had a note from U. LoL Thanks! My website included is for my online boutique, Grace and Lace Boutique, but I want to perhaps start some writing blogs abt being a Wife/Mom/striving Christian and the struggles (both good and bad) of motherhood in today’s society. Do U think that would be a good idea? 🙂

    • Good morning Victoria, I edited your comment slightly because there were like extra characters in some words, that didn’t make any sense. I don’t often leave links to other peoples websites in their comments but decided after looking at your boutique it was fine.

      The simple answer to your question about writing a blog that outlines the struggles of being a mom/wife/christian in today’s society is an excellent idea and would have a good number of interested people.

      Ive included 2 links, one is to the free signup, http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=719d69ce which is a simple registration and profile picture, it take about 5 minutes. There are 2 options to go once you sign up. You can stay free, and have a website/blog that is your own with a .siterubix.com ending, or you can pay for premium and have your own domain. Examples Victoria.siterubix.com (free), or Victoria.com premium. Of course Victoria.com wouldn’t be an available domain so that’s just an example of how it would look.

      My recommendation is to signup free, and stay free until the time you want your own domain. There is tons of free information and people that will help you. Plus I am getting pretty good at it myself, although i see questions all the time I dont know the answer to lol.

      This link, https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1/getting-rolling is the first of 10 free lessons when you are down with these lessons you will have your website up and running with the skills to add more.

      Feel free to ask questions, I am here to help. 🙂

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